Friday, July 23, 2010

Remembering Your True Self

The Greek admonition of "Know thyself" inscribed on the Temple of Apollo at Delphi is a task worthy of a lifetime of study. And, it usually takes a lifetime of observing oneself as we humans are complicated & complex.
It occurs to me that, when you learn to know yourself, you begin to have the recognition that you are not learning something new. You are remembering.
You begin to remember what you have experienced & with whom, what conditions formed your likes & dislikes, your personality. Then, you begin to have the ability to see others' perspectives, which widens your universe.
You can begin to remember that you are bigger than your experiences, larger than your conditions. You remember that, deep within you, you have a spark of God that is Your True Self.
That can be shocking & have a profound effect upon your personality. The implications may cause fear & trepidation. What if you are fabricating a fantasy? (You are not) What if all the criticisms you have heard all of your life are the reality? (It is not) What if you have to live up to a higher standard now & you do not have the ability?
Surprise! God has given you everything you need to succeed! You also have extra help from special helpers... your Angels, Guardians, & Guides. Push through with the solid knowingness that you can succeed in making your life better.
Remember who you are & remember you are not alone.

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