Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I recently came across a prayer from the heart that I would like to share with you today. These are the thoughts in my heart as well.
May earth’s song reach us in our deepest & wildest places.
May it be heard as we move upon her, as we partake of her sustenance, as we nestle in her waters & grasses.
May we hear the voices of the stones, the winds & waters, creatures & plants, above the human chatter, softly but not silently, so we can heed them when we must.
May all those who try to conquer earth’s powers learn instead from compost & humus, and take from them humility, knowing any force conquered is lost forever to the conqueror.
May compassion wrack the polluter’s heart, so stunned the earth’s gifts their poisons cannot be released.
At long last, may earth’s protectors throw grand parties where victory is declared in a mighty sigh of relief.
May this exhalation resound in ocean depths, reverberate in humpback flesh & please all the watery souls.
May whales & wolves rejoice with weird shouts that all is well.
May we have a world’s celebration where everyone stays put, our roots seeking amusements together deep in the earth, our branches entwined in the winds.
May our grandchildren’s grandchildren share legends of when we brought about the end of the time of arrogance & waste.
May they toss stones from shores, hearing our names echo in the ripples.
So may it be. ~Jack Manno

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