Tuesday, November 29, 2011

3-2-1-Relax! During the Holidays… With Hypnosis!

Hypnosis, simply put, is a relaxed and focused state of mind. Most people can learn to enter this state of deep relaxation and purposefully focused attention easily and safely in just a few sessions with the help of a trained professional hypnotherapist like Dr. Shanimah Ra. After following my instructions and learning simple techniques, most clients can induce a self-hypnotic state. Unlike alcohol or drugs, hypnosis can be used anytime and anywhere. All that it requires is an opportunity to relax for a few minutes. You can practice self-hypnosis while gazing out an office window or sitting in a quiet corner of the office break-room. With persistence and perseverance, you can learn to be calm and relaxed in the most crowded and noisy of situations.

By quieting down the body and mind in a trance state, a chain of physiological responses commence such as hormonal changes and improved immune system function. Hypnotic states reduce the effects of stress on the body by preventing the ‘flight or fight’ response, which relaxes muscle tension, as well as lowering heart rate and reducing blood pressure. Additionally, these changes stimulate other positive changes such as decreased production of stress hormones and an increase of protective T-cell production within your immune system.

Since the 1970s, increased scientific research indicates that hypnosis, as well as other ‘mind/body’ therapies such as biofeedback and meditation, is an effective and successful option in treatment of illness where stress is a major factor. While not meant to take the place of traditional medical care, hypnosis acts as a useful and efficient adjunct therapy – one that is not only effective, but enjoyable as well. A major study at Duke University in North Carolina showed that practicing relaxation resulted in reduced hypertension and reduced blood sugar levels in test patients. Another study discovered that the regular practice of hypnosis could increase the success rates of in-vitro fertilization procedures.

The myth that someone can ‘take over’ your mind or influence your thoughts without your consent has been scientifically dispelled. When you request a hypnotherapy session, you are aware at all times of the suggestions that I offer. Your mind will automatically and instinctually reject any suggestions that conflict with your personal values and beliefs. I work closely with my clients to develop suggestions and imageries that are specifically tailored to your needs and desires.

Continuing research clearly illustrates the effectiveness of hypnosis for stress reduction and its accompanying health benefits. Wouldn’t you like to experience the advantages of hypnosis today?



Thursday, November 24, 2011


A client (we’ll call him Joe Black), used to down two scotch and waters before dinner every night just to relax enough to make the transition from work to home life. But after dinner, he would be so relaxed he’d nod off while reading the paper and find himself unable to go to sleep upon retiring to bed. He did not want to take drugs or chemicals that might harm his body and mind, but he desperately needed to unwind after a stressful workday as a management executive and was seeking an alternative to ‘social drinking’ when he talked to a friend that recommended hypnotherapy.

After Mr. Black came to me for a session, he learned to take fifteen to twenty minute ‘transition breaks’. He finds a quiet, solitary spot, such as his den or bedroom. He turns off the lights and his cell and phone. He sets his iPod on soft, instrumental music. He changes into some comfortable clothes and stretches out on his bed or recliner.

As the music begins to soothe his nerves, Mr. Black begins to think of his ‘safe place’, a mental haven where he has learned to go to release the stresses of the outer world.

Here in the inner sanctuary of his own mind and heart, Mr. Black is in complete control. He can visit any one of his favourite locations – a stretch of warm, white sugar sand on an uninhabited beach, or a sunny meadow beside a cool pine forest with a gently gurgling brook flowing through it.

Wherever he is, Mr. Black knows he is safe, comfortable, and in complete control with no one asking anything of him or wanting anything from him. For these few moments, there is no place else he needs to go and nothing else he needs to do. Here, in his inner sanctuary, Mr. Black can and does imagine himself as he chooses to be – healthy, happy, relaxed – at peace with himself and everyone around him.

If Mr. Black experiences any problems or difficulties at work during the day, he wraps them up in brown paper, ties the package with string, puts them in a brightly coloured hot air balloon and watches them gently float away. He releases them, knowing they will be taken care of in the best possible way.

During this reverie, Mr. Black may take a dip in the ocean or even the gentle brook, cleansing both his mind and his body of all stress, tension, or any negative emotions may yet linger. He feels a restorative, healing energy take their place as he continues to enjoy a serene, relaxed state.

After about fifteen minutes, Mr. Black instinctively ends his journey of self-hypnosis and gradually returns his thoughts to the present. He reminds himself that he is back in his room feeling refreshed and revitalized, yet completely and fully relaxed, ready to enjoy his evening with his family.

The relaxed, good-natured Mr. Black who emerges from his room is a completely different person from the harried, stressed and sometimes short-tempered man who went in. Mr. Black’s family members, as well as Joe himself, are grateful that he has discovered hypnosis.

Mr. Black is just one of a growing number of people who find that hypnosis works for them as a successful, effective, non-drug alternative for stress reduction. With stress increasing as an ever-present part of the 21st century lifestyle, and the mounting evidence of the link between stress and illness – including such conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, ulcers, immune deficiencies, and cancer – hypnosis provides welcome relief with no side-effects.



Monday, November 14, 2011


Whatever your goals are, hypnosis can help you achieve them easily and rapidly. Many people do not realize the fantastic and immediate power of their subconscious mind. The causes of so many bad habits are rooted in memories or perceptions that are forgotten by the conscious mind, yet are retained in the subconscious. Hypnosis helps to access the subconscious mind and achieve the desired effect of change easily and quickly.

Unfortunately, many people refuse to consider hypnotherapy because of their erroneous fears and misconceptions. They may mistakenly believe that the hypnotherapist will control them, they will tell hidden secrets, or be made to do ridiculous actions. These false beliefs are often the result of Hollywood portrayals found in old vampire movies or cartoons on TV. These fears are completely unscientific and unfounded. The individual in trance is always in control and is, in fact, even more aware of his or her surroundings while in the hypnotic state.

Although hypnosis is not a panacea, there are many capacities where it has proven to be tremendously helpful. A few of these areas include memory enhancement, improving concentration, relieving insomnia, eliminating nail biting, reducing or eliminating stuttering, increasing sales, and sports achievements. However, the most common reasons for visiting a hypnotherapist are losing weight, quitting smoking, and managing stress.

Many overweight people who fail with diet programs turn to hypnosis as a safe and reliable alternative to drugs and surgery. For them, dieting never eliminated the subconscious need for excess food. It is just a form of torture they went through, until they eventually gave into their subconscious desires. So, they continuously went up and down on the scale, never really letting go of the desire for excess food.

The reasons for desiring excess food were anchored in a memory of some past emotional event that caused them to overeat for security, self-preservation, or protection. The memory of the event remained sealed in their subconscious, even as it was hidden from their waking awareness.

In a trance state, you can locate the event that triggered unwanted behaviour and change your perception about the event; thus eradicating it as a problem source. Once this is accomplished, the individual can eliminate the desire for excess food and the weight reduces easily, naturally, and stays off.

This same technique is effective for smoking cessation. Often, when an individual re-experiences the horrible experience of taking that first choking puff, and remembers the events that caused them to continue smoking, the habit is easily eliminated.

Phobias such as unreasonable fears of water, flying, driving, and claustrophobia can be easily tamed using this and similar techniques. This can frequently be accomplished in two to three sessions.

“What the mind causes, the mind can cure. Wellness begins in the mind!” Every problem has a cause, and when you eliminate the cause from the computer that we call the subconscious mind, the problem disappears.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011



At the end of the day, the only truly worthy opponent is your own self. Endeavor, at every turn, to be better than you were a moment before. This is the purpose of life. ~Shanimah Ra

Infinite Blessings from your Infinite Angels.
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