Saturday, July 31, 2010

Manifesting (continued)

The next important component in the art of manifestation is congruency. Congruency is when everything; your thoughts, words, and actions match up.
You have experienced incongruency when you have known someone was lying to you. You may not have known how you knew, but you did. The person's eyes may have wavered and been unable to hold your gaze, or they spoke with a crack in their voice that did not match their words.
Congruency is the reason you must believe you deserve and can handle what you want. If you do not believe in your desires or have confidence in yourself, it will take longer and be more difficult to manifest what you want in your life.
Your subconscious knows the truth about your beliefs and values. The good thing is that if you want to exchange your beliefs for better ones, you can do that easily with the power of your imagination. Anthony Robbins and Louise L. Hay are very good authors that have written about exchanging lousy beliefs for better ones.
So, after you begin changing your thoughts for higher-frequency ones, you need to make your words and actions follow suit. If you make a cutting remark to someone and then say, "Just kidding," the Universe will determine that you are just kidding when you make a request to manifest something. You have to be consistently congruent with your language.
You must also be consistent with your actions. Your word must become law. If you say you will be somewhere at a certain time, you must do your best to be there. If you say you will help a friend, you must do so. Learning to make your word law will give you self-confidence and you will begin to realize your power.
You can call upon Yeshuah,(the proper name that was translated to Jesus), and Archangel Gabriel to help you with your words and the power of your actions.
To be continued...

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