Saturday, July 17, 2010

Angels Everywhere

There are an Infinite number of Angels everywhere in the universe. Most Angels are responsible for one task, such as helping you to find your keys. Some Angels, the Archangels, are assigned many tasks & can be many places at once helping millions of people.
The Angels can help you with things that you may deem unimportant but are significant to you. If finding a parking space close to the doors of the shopping center is an important accomplishment to you, it is important to the Angels.
Personally, I like for the roads to be clear of traffic when I come out of my subdivision & I want to turn left. Almost every morning, my Road Angels clear the way for me. I near my turn & put on my signal; pull up to the stop sign & stop to look right & left. Voila! The way is clear for me to make an immediate left turn. Thank you, Road Angels.
You can ask the Angels for all kinds of help that can make your life feel easier. Ask them to help you find your keys, your shoes, or how to put together a tasty dinner with what you have in the pantry. I even ask My Infinite Angels to help me with articles & what they want people to know about them.
They are your Infinite Angels, too & they are waiting to help. Find out how fun it can be to discover you have a team that is ready, willing, & able to assist you with your daily affairs.

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