Friday, July 9, 2010

Economy Increasing Stress?

The economy has been on a roller coaster for the past few years. It seems that just when we begin to recover, another issue shatters the peace and calm we have been building.
The cosmic energies have sped up, increased, and become increasingly noticeable. Many people do not realize it, but these energies are impacting us constantly just the same way we get a tan from the sun that is 93 million miles away.
We are feeling the impact of cosmic energy played out in our world economy, political conflict, and environmental issues. The fact that so many of us are not relating the "as above, so below" philosophy to the increasing stress we feel can cause confusion and frustration, exacerbating the anxiety we are experiencing.
The Angels are asking us to trust. They are available outside of time and space, so they are always ready and willing to assist us to calm our nerves and deal with any situation we are experiencing in the moment. According to cosmic law however, they need to have permission and we give them permission to help us when we ask. So, ask now. Just say, "Angels, help me!"
Allow the calm and peace of the Angels into your heart and your life.

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