Monday, August 8, 2011


You are of inestimable value. You are a treasure of the Universe. Just by your presence on our lovely planet, Earth, you have value, purpose, and worth. You just need to remember this.

You need to remember, not because I or someone else has told you so, but because it is a truth in your soul. We all need to connect with our Higher-self on the soul plane. And, rather that attempting to escape this plane of Earth, we need to bring our soul energy into our daily lives, now.

With the beginning of the industrial age, we began to lose the connection of soul, of spirit. By focusing so much upon the physical, we lost sight of the non-physical. We began to pay more attention to that which we could make with our hands and less and less attention to what we could co-create with spirit.

We are coming to a point in our human evolution that will represent a crossroads. We can either get back into balance with nature and our spiritual selves or perish, literally, by our own hands – all that we have created that is now out of harmony.
The good news is that there is more spiritual help available now than ever before.

The Angels are everywhere, ready and willing to assist us in connecting with Spirit and our soul-self. You can do this wherever you are and at any time of the day or night. You can do this in a crowded subway train. Just close your eyes for a brief moment, breathe in deeply and mentally ask Archangel Michael, your Guardians, and Guides, or any Angel to help you connect to your Higher-self and your soul, which is basically one in the same.

As you breathe out and open your eyes, notice the difference in the energy surrounding you. Feel ten thousand Angels to your right; feel ten thousand angels to your left; feel ten thousand angels in front of you and behind you, ten thousand angels above you and also below you. As you move gently through your day, feel confident that you are surrounded by an infinite, uncountable number of angels that watch over you and stand ready to assist your every need with love and grace.

Infinite Blessings from your Infinite Angels.

© 2011 Dr. Shanimah Leal Ra, PhD.
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Forensic Hypnotist,
Angel Therapy Practitioner®