Sunday, July 18, 2010

Getting Quiet

In our hustle, bustle world, it is often difficult to hear or sense our inner guidance & messages from our Infinite Angels. Angels speak very softly, so when we are blaring music or arguing in our mind with others or ourselves, we cannot hear the whispers of support & love.
You may need to find a quiet place. Even the bathroom is okay, if that is the best you can do. Get as comfortable as you can, either sitting or laying down. Get all of your fidgeting done with as soon as possible. Calm your hands & place them in your lap or at your sides. Uncross your feet or legs. Move your head around so your neck is straight & in a comfortable position.
Then, breathe. Yes, breathe. Close your eyes. Notice your breath moving in & out of your lungs. Feel your chest move upward with an inbreath & downward with your outbreath.
Then, begin to follow your breath inward to your center, to the area of your heart. Feel the energy there, the love. Connect with your heartlight. See it in your mind's eye. Feel it growing brighter, stronger.
Feel yourself connect with your Angels as you become more & more quiet. You may actually hear them speaking to you in your mind's ear or you may have a sense of knowingness that is very firm & concrete.
Pay close attention to the loving guidance of your Angels. Notice how you feel with this guidance. True Angelic guidance will always feel comforting, loving, & gentle. You will always have a sense of forward movement in your life, that things are getting better in some way.
When you feel your experience is complete, simply open your eyes & continue with your day.

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