Monday, July 12, 2010


Nature is an amazing Healer. Nature has intelligence that humans have tried to comprehend from the Dawn of Time.
When you are injured, get a cut on your arm for example, you do not need to think - my skin has just been cut, I should send some platelets to coagulate to form a scab so there is no infection. No; you do not need to do that because the natural intelligence of your body takes over & begins to repair your skin, muscle & whatever else it needs to do automatically.
Nature is good for your soul as well. Each day, you should spend some time outside. Even if it is only for a few moments, you should make it a point to connect with nature.
You can feel the Angelic Realm outside. Angels are everywhere, of course, but you can feel them especially outside in natural surroundings. You can hear Angels whisper to your intuition through the wind in the trees. You can see sparkles of Angel energy in the azure sky. You can smell the Angel's perfume in the aroma of fresh blooming flowers. You can feel Angel kisses in the sun's rays & in the drops of rain on your cheeks.
Make it a point to spend time out in nature each day, even for a few moments. Connect with the Angels to soothe your soul.

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