Monday, October 25, 2010


An incident occurred recently that caused me to contemplate one of the commandments that God gave to Moses. The fifth commandment, “Honor thy father and thy mother” is interesting when examined from different points of view.

First of all, let me say I do believe that we should all honor our mothers and fathers, if for no other reason than they gave a part of themselves – however small – so that we could be born into this beautiful world and experience human life.

Let’s examine different perspectives now. Consider a baby’s point of view. A newborn child cannot defend itself, provide food or shelter for itself, keep itself warm, comfort itself or help itself if it becomes injured. A child absolutely must honor its father and mother, or at least its caregivers, by doing what they command or demand simply to survive. Until a child can find a way to provide the bare necessities of life for its continued existence, this is the practical manner in which a young child honors its father and mother.

As we get older and are able to provide for our needs, the subject of honoring mother and father takes on a different tone. Although we may not feel compelled to mind our fathers and mothers, we may find we have similar traits. We may have our parents’ facial features, body structure, or mannerisms. We may have assumed their beliefs or convictions, probably without realizing it.

Perhaps we are happy with the resemblance to our parents. How do we fix things that we are unhappy with in reguards to parental heritage?

For physical changes, many people now turn to plastic surgeons or some sort of cosmetic procedures. There is also diet, exercise, and personal training to help you buff up or manage your weight.

Inner changes are more complex. You may not even realize you are expressing someone else’s beliefs or convictions until you are embarrassed, feel guilty, or have some major regret and find yourself saying, “Why did I do that? That is not me!”

It is helpful, from time to time, to examine your beliefs, principles, and convictions to know if they are helping you or hindering you. Just like cleaning your closets or pantry in the spring or fall, cleaning out beliefs that no longer serve you helps free the energy in your body, mind, and spirit. You can still honor your father and mother by gratefully accepting your heritage, but you do not need to become stuck or buried in convictions that were possibly mistakes in thinking.

You can honor your parents by acknowledging the love, comfort, and care they gave you – however great or small that may have been - and still honor your own right to develop the personal principles with which you govern the life you lead now.

As you mature, you can also honor others and their parents by realizing that they may have developed different beliefs because of their environment, circumstances, or societal influences.

You may consider examining your beliefs by getting quiet and asking your Infinite Angels to help you find what beliefs do not serve you anymore. Ask, “What are the beliefs, convictions, or opinions that I am holding on to that are not serving my highest good?” Then ask, “What is the truth of the matter, which I can embrace that will best serve my highest good and the good of all?”

Archangel Chamuel will help you find the truth of any situation. Archangel Michael will help you to remove unhelpful convictions from your mind and soul. Archangel Zadkiel will teach you to embrace courage, honor, and integrity in your life.

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Monday, October 18, 2010


I have researched prayer from the time I could comprehend that there was a larger power – even bigger than my Mom, who could take care of me in a crisis. One day, I also realized that IT took care of other things as well. IT took care of the plants, animals, the sky, and everything!

This was important knowledge to me and I wanted to know the best way to pray so that IT would grant my petitions favorably. We talked last week about feelings. Feeling your prayers answered is an essential factor in praying effectively.

Another element that seems to be critical is time and/or quantification. Quantification is praying with someone else. It is reported in Matthew 18:20, “For where there are two or three gathered in my name, there I am, in the midst of them.” So, having several people coming together for one purpose and feeling the positive outcome of a purpose will achieve that purpose. Everyone must be on the same page, though. Lack of attention from the outcome you wish to achieve thwarts your efforts.

Another essential component is time. In Gregg Braden’s book, The Lost Mode of Prayer, he delves into research that he has investigated involving calculating the number of people that can have a positive effect on their surrounding environment. The defining number is the square root of one percent. That is so minimal as to be astonishing.

So, let’s get back to time. Taking those calculations and applying them to a twenty-four hour period, we would convert the hours into minutes. Twenty-four hours times sixty minutes equals one thousand four hundred forty minutes in one day. One percent of that number is fourteen and one half minutes. The square root of that number is three point seven nine, or less than four minutes.

Praying with your whole heart and soul for less than four minutes each day can change your life!

Of course, it may take you fifteen or twenty minutes to get into a relaxed state to be able to feel what you really want as if you already have it. With practice, you will be able to get into that state quicker and easier.

Ask your Infinite Angels to help you. They are experts at prayer and feeling the love of God. They will support you in every way possible when you come to them with a pure heart and request their assistance. Archangel Zadkiel will help you to learn to calm yourself and release your cares.

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Monday, October 11, 2010


Why is it that sometimes our prayers are answered and sometimes they aren’t? What makes a good prayer? Aren’t all prayers good?

I have asked questions like these from the time that I was very young. I want my prayers to be answered the way I think they should be all the time. It is okay with me if I am selfish. If I ran the Universe, that is the way I would make the rules. Does God love me when I get what I pray for and not love me when I get something that I don’t want?

What follows are some conclusions that I have come to from personal experience and from watching those around me.

First of all, I have found that sometimes our prayers are not answered because they are incomplete. What I mean by that is that there seems to be essential power factors that amplify the act of praying. Whether you are praying by rote, which are sometimes called canned prayers, or praying spontaneously, an important thing to remember is to feel your prayer. The more you can feel your prayer answered and feel the gratitude in your heart, the quicker you will have it.

This is the basic premise that author, Stuart Wilde, teaches in his book The Trick to Money is Having Some. So, if you are working on financial prosperity and praying to be more abundant in that respect, just remember a time when you felt abundant. That is the trick, the feeling of prosperity, wealth, healing, academic excellence, or whatever you are attempting to create. You must feel as if you already have it.

This is a paradox, I know, but you can do it. You can even transfer your feelings into other prayers. In other words, you can think of a time when you felt powerful or satisfied – like, remembering a time when you won the spelling be in third grade or made the touchdown in high school. When you have created those feelings as intensely as possible, begin imaging your health, wealth, or warm relationships. Create more good from the good that you have already experienced.

If it is difficult to remember a good feeling, ask Archangel Chamuel to help you find your good, powerful, or peaceful feelings. Ask Archangel Zadkiel to help you learn to recognize your good feelings so you can build more good upon them. Any and all of your Infinite Angels are awaiting your call to assist you with creating more good in the world.

More on technical factors that I have learned about prayers next week.


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Monday, October 4, 2010


Sometimes, no – often-times, it seems that everything is going to hell in a handbasket. Earth changes, cosmic cycles, economic fluctuations, and everyday relationships seem bound for destruction.

It seems that each new day brings a new disaster or disease. I can understand why there are so many people with feelings of depression. The pharmaceutical companies are making billions of dollars selling legalized drugs that have side effects that can do more harm than good!

Here’s the thing, though. We need to remember to go into the place of light and truth within our own hearts. Rather than listening to the media, the social networks, or even your own best friend tell you that the sky is falling, listen to your heart.

This is where the truth resides. In your heart is where the Angels speak to you and this is where God is.

Life supports you in every way. The Universal Law that proves this statement is reflecting back to you each moment from your surroundings. Your environment is the sum total of what you have been focusing upon up to that point.

If you have chaos in your life, YOU can calm it down. It might take a minute, or more depending on how focused you were previously on disasters. The amazing thing about owning your power is to know that you created what you have around you and within yourself.

Knowing this is true; you can choose a new style by choosing new beliefs. Choosing new beliefs will help you to make better decisions and your actions will produce better results.

The first thing that is very powerful to do is ask your Infinite Angels for help. They will help you with your decisions, the words you speak as well as the friends you hang around with, and they can show you what beliefs will support your soul growth. They can also show you what beliefs to release that no longer serve you and hinder your soul’s evolution.

Do your best to get very quiet to hear your Angels’ guidance because they usually whisper. It is a good idea to meet them at the same time each day or week for your special purpose of gaining guidance. Make an appointment with your Angels and write it down in your planner or on your calendar.

This is similar to going to the gym to workout or having a regular coffee date with a friend. It becomes something to look forward to and you are strengthening your Angel muscles in a sense.

If you want to know the names of your Guiding Angels, I recommend having a pen and paper ready as you get very quiet. Ask your Infinite Angels to provide the name(s) of your Guiding Angels. Then, write the first name(s) that come to you.

Being able to call upon your Angels by name is special. You will always get loving service from your Angels; however, you must also know that it is much more fun to go to the restaurant where you know everyone by name and they treat you extra special!


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