Thursday, July 29, 2010


Manifesting is a big buzz word these days. People forget or do not realize that we are manifesting all the time. Whether it is something you think you want or something you don't want, you are still manifesting.
You manifest with your thoughts, by what you think about persons, places, things, or situations. These thoughts are usually in the form of judgements and, if you examine them, are mostly negative judgements.
By the Law of the Universe - What you put out there comes back to you - thinking negative thoughts directs negativity into your life. If you want to examine your thought patterns, just take a look around at your life at this moment. Your manner of thinking has brought you to this point.
If you want to change anything in your life, you must begin now to change your thoughts, your judgements about it. Then, be patient. Your thoughts are instantaneous, but it takes a minute for the Universe to convert that cyberspace thought energy into a physical manifestation that you can experience.
The Angels are excellent to call upon to help you transform your thinking patterns. Michael the Archangel can quickly dissolve negative thinking with his Blazing Sword of Light. There are also Ascended Masters that can help uplift your thoughts into a higher frequency such as Thoth the Teacher, Kuthumi the Sikh Spiritual Leader, and Melchizedek the Canaanite King.
To be continued...

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