Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pulling Weeds

A lovely lady & prolific author, Louise L. Hay, whose teachings I have studied for almost 30 years recommends regular meditative practices of cleaning up your life.
One way to do that is pulling weeds. I did that today. Weeds can be symbols of those things in life that creep up on you. They get in your garden & before you know it, there is a big, ugly plant that has taken up root.
Weeds use water & nutrients from the soil that flowers & vegetables might use. The weeds of life such as negative thinking, pessimistic people, & low-frequency places steal life energy that you need to evolve & grow.
In using this type of meditation, you would affirm in your mind or out loud by saying, "I am pulling out & throwing away the weeds of my life. I am getting rid of anything that no longer serves my highest good."
As you pull the weeds out of the ground & your garden of life, you will be able to see a change right away reflected in the ground around your vegetables or flowers. Your subconscious mind will reflect improvements in your life by showing you more beauty within & surrounding you.
As always, you can ask your Angels for assistance with this project. Archangel Michael is a wonderful teammate as his Sword of Light can help with those especially stubborn weeds - of one kind or another!

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