Monday, June 27, 2011


We all are searching for something. It is the process of evolution. I have studied and searched almost all of my life, from the time that I was two years old for that which I could not see or hear or touch, but that I know is there. I never quit searching.

Although I am very intuitive and psychically aware, it is only recently that I feel the shift inside that tells me that I have the answer – for me. You may know that already or you may feel that it is yet to come.

This was a very subtle shift – almost imperceptible, that I know that we are one. We are both the creator and created. We are in the middle of our thoughts, feelings, and desires. It is different to think about this intellectually; to say affirmations and wish peace for the world. It is quite another to know in your mind and body, in your heart and soul that we are one.

We are all thoughts creating more thoughts. We are consciousness (created by God) impressing upon the thinking stuff (created by God) of the Universe. If you impress good thoughts upon the thinking stuff; it responds back to you with good. If you impress anything else, that will come back to you as well. If you focus upon tragedy in the media, you will find more of that coming into your life. If you focus upon cancer awareness, you will find more and more friends and loved ones (or even yourself) with disease.

Conversely, if you focus upon health, wealth, and love, you will find more and more of that in your life. It behooves all of us to direct our focus and concentration toward what we want to bring into our lives and allow only the good into our thinking field. This does not mean that there will no longer be tragedy in the world, but there will no longer be so much tragedy in your personal world.

Ask your Infinite Angels to help you to learn to redirect your focus and concentrate upon the best in your life. You will soon find your life getting better and better!

Infinite Blessings from your Infinite Angels.

© 2011 Dr. Shanimah Leal Ra, PhD.
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Forensic Hypnotist,
Angel Therapy Practitioner®

Friday, June 3, 2011


Often, when I am working with clients and their Angels to resolve conditions & situations that have become problematic for them, the issue of forgiveness arises.

We tend to think of forgiveness in terms of someone doing something to us now such as arguing with us or even physical assault. In these cases, we may or may not forgive. However, we need to let go of the issues & get on with our lives. The effects can still linger in the back of our mind, though.

There are many situations that we may have thought we forgave (or not) that still affect us such as childhood hurts & traumas. We do not think of these in our daily life because we need to be focused upon getting an education, earning a living, & caring for our families. Again, the effects are in our subconscious & can be the cause of many different problems or simply personality quirks.

A good practice that you can easily do each day is getting in touch with your feelings about anything that needs forgiveness in your life. You can start right where you are at in this moment. Think backwards & recollect any conditions or situations that you think may need to be forgiven. If it comes up in your consciousness, forgive it.

Your angels will assist you by presenting memories that require your attention. It can be important to forgive more than just the person or persons that you think hurt you. You will need to forgive yourself for being in that situation. You will need to forgive any other persons on the periphery of the situation that were witnesses to what happened to you. You will need to forgive the energy & the condition, itself, that hurt you.

The native Hawaiian practice of Ho’oponopono is a beautiful way to forgive. There are four things to declare with Ho’oponopono: 1. I love you; 2. I am sorry; 3. Please forgive me; 4. Thank you.
1. I love you – You are declaring that you love & that your love is stronger than anything that could possibly hurt you. You love you (for getting yourself into that mess), the person(s) that caused you pain (for being a part of your soul journey), the situation (because it made you stronger), & God (for loving you enough to give you free will to choose what you will experience).
2. I am sorry – You declare that you realize that the energy that was meant to help your soul evolve has done its job & you can now release & resolve the issue(s) that are bothering you.
3. Please forgive me – You are willing to let go & move on.
4. Thank you – you are willing to accept the gift of being a stronger, powerful person with expanded consciousness.

This is a process that is best done in a meditative state, but you can practice all day long as little things arise that get your attention or bother you. You can use it to help you overcome unwanted habits or to boost your motivation. Most of all, it can help you to uncover subconscious issues that you are ready to resolve & release.

Your Infinite Angels will assist you to discover the issues that are appropriate for you to address now. Remember to seek the assistance of a professional – medical or psychiatric, if you feel the need.

Infinite Blessings from your Infinite Angels.

© 2011 Dr. Shanimah Leal Ra, PhD.
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Forensic Hypnotist,
Angel Therapy Practitioner®