Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chop Wood, Carry Water

Many years ago, I learned of an ancient story about a teacher & a student. The student said, "Master, how do I reach enlightenment?" The master replied, "Chop wood, carry water."
The student then asked, "Master, what do I do after I have achieved enlightenment?"
"Chop wood, carry water," the master answered.
We are always striving for things to be better - prettier, costlier, more luxurious. Things do not change because we have reached some plateau of development. However, the point is that we change.
With experience & evolvement, we learn to handle things differently. The situation that made you angry in high school is one that you merely laugh at now. Of course, there may be different people, places, or things that rouse your anger & so what do you do? Chop wood, carry water. You learn to deal with those things in an evolved manner.
This does not mean that you allow an atrocity that you have the ability to prevent or watch on the sidelines while someone commits a crime. It means turning your experiences into wisdom by using your knowledge to choose the best course of action in any given moment. It means, rather than doing nothing, do whatever is best for the person, place, or thing in that particular situation at that time.
If you are unsure about what to do next, ask the Infinite Angels that surround you. Just say, "My Infinite Angels, help me."
They have always been with you & will always be with you to guard & protect you, to guide your actions in a good way, and to help you make loving choices.

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