Friday, May 27, 2011


Intuition is about taking action. Over the years, many people have told me that they do not have insight or intuition. Everyone has this capacity; they are just unaware of it or have repressed it for so long that it has become like an unused muscle that has atrophied from non-use.

Everyone has intuition. Animals have this capacity. In animals, we call it instinct. Animals live in the moment. They can instantly assess a situation and take immediate action. This is the key – taking action. If you do not take action, your intuition is no more useful than a rusty tool buried in the shed for years.

By taking action upon your intuitive insights, you plug yourself into the flowing grid of information of the universe. This allows you to gain the correct information for whatever you are processing now. It no longer matters what you were processing last year or last month or ten minutes ago. It does not matter what you will be processing next week.

You can only live NOW and your insights must offer you constantly updated information that is appropriate and usable for your particular situation.

You can begin to wake-up and work your intuition muscle in several ways. You can get quiet and meditate, knowing that intuition is often expressed in whispers. You must be quiet and focused as if you are intently interested in a conversation with your best friend that you are having in a noisy, crowded airport. You can observe your environment, including your body, which will offer you clues as to what insights are currently important for you.

You can ask your infinite Angels, Guardians, and Guides to help you to reconnect with that subtle energy that guides you instantly. You must make the commitment to follow your guidance and take appropriate action to better your condition.

As you continue to follow your intuition, it will get stronger and better defined. You will find yourself with new and greater opportunities manifesting in your life.

Infinite Blessings from your Infinite Angels.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Before embarking on important undertakings, sit quietly, calm your senses and thoughts, and meditate deeply. You will then be guided by the great creative power of Spirit. ~Paramahansa Yogananda

Check out the following World News Tonight episode on the benefits of meditation!

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Thursday, May 5, 2011


An excerpt from my new book:

~Getting yourself to a state of awareness can be confusing. How do you start? Where do you go? Hopefully, you will find some answers as you read this. You do not have to do it all by yourself, though. There are therapists and support groups. Some are specialized, others are open and anyone can talk about their problems.
There are specialized support groups called ECap groups. ECap stands for Exceptional Cancer Patients. Dr. Bernie Siegel, a medical physician and author well known for his books on helping patients heal and survive cancer, began the first ECap group in 1977 with a dozen women patients. The groups have grown and evolved and are now offered to anyone who has problems that need support. You may also find local groups that are extremely helpful.
An important point to remember is that you are not alone. If you feel that way, consider joining a support group or even a prayer group in which you can be with other people. Choose a group that you really resonate with, not just a crowd of people. Sometimes, a crowd can be a very lonely place.

A wonderful action you can learn from being in a group is to say the word NO. Research has found that the first time many cancer patients have ever said NO is after they were diagnosed with cancer. All of their life was previously spent in acquiescing to others wishes, doing for others, and caring for others. It is almost as if their subconscious or the Universe says, “Stop. You have cancer… now, say NO.” It is as if they need a reason to say NO.
A group can help you see that, if you this is the way you have been, and help you learn to take care of yourself. Dr. Siegel calls it carefrontation. You, in turn, will do that service for others in the group. You will also remember and turn to your friends in the group when you get embroiled in your daily patterns. Knowing that they are available to turn to will give you energy and strength.

You do not have to say YES to every request. You can give yourself permission to take a vacation or a night out. You can tell the neighbor or the store clerk NO. It can be fun to practice. Give up the idea that you may be unliked – who cares?
First, ask yourself if the request is something you really want to fulfill; is it something that you truly want to do? If it is, do it. Do what makes you happy. If it is not something you want to do, say NO. That can make you happy, too. You will find that the person who made the request will quickly and easily find a way to fulfill that request without burdening you. Let that be okay.

A wonderful practice that evolved from the ECap groups involves artwork as a medium to explore your inner space. Dr. Siegel tells a story that he learned from another physician of a young, vibrant man who had his leg amputated to save his life. Initially, the patient drew a picture of himself as a cracked, defective vase. With group work and therapy, he finished his self-portrait two years later as rays of sunshine streaming through the crack in the vase.

Carl Jung was a proponent of drawing from the inner space, the soul. He used indigenous teachings of specialized drawings called Mandala. Jung’s patients learned about their inner mind and their subconscious from creating therapeutic Mandalas.
Mandalas are usually pictures drawn within a circle, often with four direction lines dividing the circle into north, south, east, and west. Jung believed the circle represented life with no beginning and no end. The pictures in the different directions are symbols of the subconscious and inner life. 3
Anything that you draw representing your inner consciousness can be helpful. You may not understand fully at first. Draw it anyway. Look for the significance in the drawing as a symbolism of what it means to you or how it represents your life. You may find other important points as you meditate with your creations.~

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The quantum is the smallest energetic component found in the universe. It also pervades the universe because it makes up everything in the universe. It is also in the space between everything. By using a focused intent, and meaning to tap into the quantum consciousness of healing on purpose, we exponentially increase the probability of successfully healing; living a longer, more prosperous, healthy, and happy life. We tap into infinite possibilities of health, wealth, joy, and peace. We tap into the wholeness of the universe, the quanta, which is the absolute consciousness that is everywhere in all things. In this sense, tapping into this wholeness becomes a quantum of inner experience that is available to each human being, a quantum experience.
Tapping into quantum intelligence for healing of ordinary, everyday problems as well as assisting recovery from illness and disaster holds unlimited possibilities and immeasurable value. We can apply the wisdom of ancient texts and centuries old oral traditions of indigenous tribes. They are repositories coded with information we can use to heal physical illness, habitual problems, and relationship issues. They can help us answer questions about spirituality and our personal relationship with the divine Creator, the source of quantum consciousness.

Infinite Blessings from your Infinite Angels.

© 2011 Dr. Shanimah Leal Ra, PhD.
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Forensic Hypnotist,
Angel Therapy Practitioner®