Tuesday, July 13, 2010


There is a paradox regarding expectations. You can expect a situation to turn out well, the way you want. This is called hope, but you may have a gut feeling - a knowing that things will not be the way you want at all.
You can expect something to turn out badly while knowing that it will actually be fine. This can be called hedging your bet.
So, what do you do? Do you plan for the worst & end up pleasantly surprised or do you fake it till you make it?
There is another choice. You could stay in the moment with no expectations. This takes some practice since we are trained to expect an outcome based upon previous experience. After all, this is the purpose of practice & training - to learn how to obtain a predictable result.
This is a wonderful thing when we are learning a skill & not so great if we would rather just enjoy ourselves.
The Angels can help you to stay in the moment, living your life to the fullest. Ask them to keep you in the moment, listening to your heartbeat & noticing your breath. Your Angels can remind you that each moment is new; each moment is unique. There are no ordinary moments because they are all filled with blessings, if you are paying attention.

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