Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Having a soulmate is an interesting concept that has developed since the 19060s. People have used the term to define someone with whom they have fallen deeply in love. In truth, we are all soulmates.

We all come from the same source. All souls come from MotherFatherGod, so there is the commonality of soulmates for everyone no matter your nationality, the colour of your skin, or any other individual characteristic with which you choose to identify.

Any relationship might be considered a soulmate relationship. You may find it difficult to the point of nausea to be in the same room with a certain person. And yet, this very person may be the only one in the Universe that can have this particular relationship with you in which you learn patience and compassion.

Hard lessons are easy to learn with someone you like. You readily put aside your preferences and make allowances for those you love. Virtues such as patience and compassion are everyday, all-the-time qualities that help our souls to blossom with Divine Lovelight. So much more the reason that we need to cultivate them with those that irritate us; this helps us to be better humans.

Call upon the Infinite Angels to help you develop compassion and patience, as well as other qualities that uplift your soul. Archangels Uriel and Raphael are especially happy to assist you!

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