Sunday, August 15, 2010

Catch a Falling Star

The Perseid Meteor showers are happening now. You can get official information at It is just amazing to me that God created all the wonder for us to observe.

Just think, these pieces of heaven fly across the galaxy so that we can marvel at the works of Nature that God created. Even sunlight takes 7 minutes to reach us from 93 million miles away! We must be pretty special.

There is great consolation in knowing that we are cared for so much that pieces of rock and space debris give up their existence to change into twinkling bits of stars for us to wish upon. You can put the most horrendous day into perspective when contemplating the magnificent grandeur of the Universe.

I like to imagine that God has Angels that direct each bright star into the perception of the person that most needs it and will appreciate it. One little falling star may change your life - make a wish! Perhaps Walt Disney made a wish like the song in Pinocchio, and look at what he accomplished! You can find the song at

I also like a song from my MOM's era (like eons ago) sung by Perry Como, Catch a Falling Star. And, you can find that song at Of course, in reality, it would be quite hot to put a burning rock in your pocket.

Anyway, I wish on all the stars that Infinite Angels help make your dreams come true!

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