Friday, August 27, 2010


Kindness and Strength

Most people mistakenly attribute weakness with kindness, love, compassion, or empathy. Some people think that, if you are kind or if you love them enough, they can take advantage of you. Gratefully, that is not everyone, but some people are like that.

On the other hand, these same people often think that, by acting overly condescending to others, it will make them likeable or provide them some gain at the end of the day. Unfortunately, giving in or kowtowing to others usually gets you more of the same kind of mistreatment.

There is great strength in kindness, especially when you begin with kindness to yourself. You will never allow yourself to be abused by another more than you abuse yourself so it is very important to treat yourself as if you are your own best friend. This can be difficult when we are raised in a society such as ours that regards sarcasm, demeaning others and ourselves as acceptable or funny.

There are many complexities to kindness and strength. Some people set themselves up for failure. They keep fighting their own inner power while looking for strength and support from others outside themselves. In order to know whether you are strong in kindness, check-in with your own heart and notice what you are feeling.

When you are being kind to yourself and finding strength in this quality of kindness, you will notice calm feelings in your body; you will notice balanced blood pressure. Your decisions will have a firmness and finality that guide you to the best outcome for you.

You deserve to live without limitations, in a timeless sea of abundance. You can call upon your Infinite Angels to help you and guide you to notice where you need to make strong changes to be kind to yourself and support the best possible outcomes for your goals. Call upon Archangel Raphael to heal relationships that you have outgrown and are no longer serving you. Call upon Archangel Michael to assist you with strength and power in loving yourself so you can attract that which is for your greatest good.

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