Thursday, August 19, 2010


Sometimes when you want to bring something into your life, your efforts seem stuck, blocked, or somehow you keep encountering barriers.

It could be that you do not really believe you deserve anything good in your life because of some mistake in thinking that you unfortunately learned when you were young. It could be that you are trying too hard and not giving the Universe room to respond. It could be that what you want is not in your best interest.

Many times, the reason our manifestations are blocked is because we already have stuff and we need to clean out what we have to make room for beautiful new good that the Universe is eager to bestow upon us. By stuff, I mean not only stuff in the physical sense, but also stuff in the emotional and mental sense.

There could be guilt, resentment, and vengeful feelings in the way of receiving our good. There could be fear as well. The fear of success is as powerful a deterrent to allowing new good into our life as the fear of failure.

Call upon your Infinite Angels and Angel Isaiah for assistance if you think you might have accumulated emotional or mental toxins that are harming your ability to receive good things from the Universe or blocking your powers of manifestation. A wonderful affirmation that you can say with your Angels and works really well is, "I am now willing to release from me the pattern that allows this condition to be."

If that feels almost right but not completely true, say "I am willing to learn to release the pattern in me that caused (or allows) this condition to be." Remember, learning is beneficial no matter how big or small the lesson.

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