Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Moon

The new moon and within 3 days after is the time to begin projects that you want others be a part of and to show to the world. You can often see tangible results within the 2 weeks that it takes for the moon to grow to full.

When you notice the waxing and waning of the moon, you become more conscious of cosmic forces. You can get into the rhythm of the universe by observing the workings of our tiny piece of solar system.

Cosmic forces subtly influence our subconscious minds, so the conscious use of energy is a powerful communication that can assist you to achieve your goals.
You can use cosmic energy on purpose in as many ways as you are able to imagine.

Using your imagination directs Universal energy in a very dynamic manner. It is often not obvious until the final outcome, so you must pay close attention. It requires great concentration.

You might consider beginning a new job after the new moon date or purchasing a home or car. Any project that you want to grow is best begun then.

When humans decided to evolve from hunter/gatherers and began to develop ancient agriculture, they realized the strength of using the moon's energy. They probably did not know the moon was strong enough to move the tides of oceans on the entire planet, but what they lacked in scientific knowledge, they made up in intuition.

Archangels Ariel and Raphael, as well as any of the other Infinite Angels, can help you with your projects. They will help your goals to blossom and bloom for your highest good and the good of all!

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