Friday, August 6, 2010

Accepting Blessings

I am reminded today of a story about a man caught in the middle of a hurricane. Gale force winds slammed huge tree branches and debris into his home. Windows shattered and gallons of rain poured in.
As the waters in the house rose, he climbed onto the roof with shingles ripping up and flying away all around him. He cried out to the heavens, "God save me!"
Shortly thereafter, a rescue-copter approached the man on the roof. A spotlight illuminated him & he heard a disembodied voice say, "Grab the rope and we'll pull you up." The man waived to the pilot, "No, no - you go on; save someone else. I prayed to God and God will save me." The pilot was low on gas, so she did not stay to argue with the man on the roof.
The winds continued to howl as the man clung desperately to the roof. He prayed again, "God, can you hear me? Please, save me."
The waters were to the roof line and a couple rowed close to the man's house in a small dinghy. They hollered to him, "We'll throw you a rope. You catch it and we'll pull you into the boat." He hollered back, "That's okay. Help another person. God is going to save me. I prayed."
The man watched as the couple rowed away and became lost in the sheets of rain. He said almost under his breath, "God, I am getting weak. Please, save me."
A large log floated toward the man and bumped into the roof. It was big enough for him to straddle like a horse. The man ignored the continued bump, bump, bump against the house. Shortly after that, the man died.
When he got to heaven and met up with God, he said, "God I prayed and prayed. Why did you not answer me?"
God said, "Dude, are you kidding? I sent you a helicopter, a boat, and finally a log to float you to safety. Why didn't you pay attention and trust me?"
So often, we miss the answers to our prayers because they do not look exactly like what our tiny human minds want to believe. Consider approaching everything as the answer to a prayer.
Ascended Masters Abraham and Moses, as well as your team of Infinite Angels can help you to open your eyes and ears to answered prayers.

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