Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Dancer

"The Lord loveth a cheerful giver." So it says in the Bible. We often think this statement only relates to money because we often hear it at church gatherings from ministers and priests when the collection basket is going around.
The practical side of this statement is the energy that is infused into action. If you are doing a favor for someone, yet you are angry, fearful, or resentful, your actions will have a lower frequency, negative energy. The eventual outcome of your actions will be less than stellar.
If you are happy to be of service to someone, your actions will be infused with high frequency, positive energy that will boost the outcome. Your completed task will be impressive. Even if no-one acknowledges the fact, you can be impressed with yourself.
The flip side of the coin is to notice when someone really does not want to do what you ask them. You may think that getting someone to do what you command is worth putting up with the unsavory, resentful energy. Is that what you really want?
My teacher's Teacher is quoted as saying, "Creator loves a happy dancer." In this Dance of Life, each moment is a golden opportunity to be a Happy Dancer. We can use our divine creativity and choose to look for the best experience in everything.
Not every experience is satisfying, however we can learn from every experience. Perhaps we may only learn that we will choose a better experience next time, but that is good to know.
Your Infinite Angels can help you to create situations and experiences that get better and better. You can learn to move from success to success. Archangel Chamuel is an excellent Archangel to call upon to help you to find meaning and growth in your Dance of Life!

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