Monday, December 6, 2010


This beautiful planet is a playground as well as a classroom. If you are lucky, you may realize that you can play as well as learn. This is just one of the profound truths that I learned from my beloved teacher & elder, Shakmah Winddrum. My beautiful Spiritual Mother crossed over into spirit on Thursday, November 26, 2010.

I first met Shakmah in 1996 & it was she that truly accelerated & motivated me along the spiritual path. Even before I met her, when I heard her name, it took my breath away. I knew she was an incredibly important person to me. I valued her guidance & would often mentally consult with her about choices & decision making. She was kind, brilliant, devoted, compassionate, & powerful. Once at a ceremony, I could feel her energy about 25 feet away. Most people have an energetic space of 2-3 feet.

Shakmah was also a great cook. After a weekend of teaching, she would often serve a feast for the students. Someone once complained that Shakmah had not cooked the meal. She went into the kitchen & I swear the taste of the food changed. I think all she did was stir the pot. She said she put love in the food. All I know is that it really was more flavorful.

Shakmah performed a ceremony for me in which she blessed my hands & throat (because I am a hypnotherapist) for healing. It was interesting that, for a year & a day, I could often see Shakmah’s hands at the end of my wrists.

I believe that I was guided by Spirit to legally change my name because of Shakmah’s love, devotion, & teachings. She helped me to be more, a better person & I love her always.


© 2010 Dr. Shanimah Leal Ra, PhD.
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