Monday, December 20, 2010


When a planet (in today’s case, Mercury) goes retrograde, it appears to move backwards. It does not really move backwards – that is silly. A planet, star, galaxy, or any object moving in a particular circular pattern cannot stop itself and move in an opposing directional pattern.

A planet moving retrograde gives the impression that it is moving backward because other planets or the earth seem to move faster in their elliptical orbits. It is similar to a pair of trains moving in the same direction on parallel tracks. To the passengers in the faster train, it will appear that the slower train is moving backwards, although it is still moving forwards.

The symbol for retrograde is an Rx, just like the pharmaceutical symbol for a prescription. This just means we need a little help… not drugs! You can think of the symbol as representing a re-do, re-cycle, re-think, re-pair, or any other thing/word with a re- in front of it.

If you purchase something in the time of Mercury retrograde, you may need to re-turn it to the store because of a defect that you didn’t notice. You got home and re-examined the item, found the defect and realized you had to go back and get another one that is without flaws. Really, a retrograde just means that you need to be more careful and aware reguarding any qualities of that planet or the house it is traveling through at the time.

Mercury is the planet of communications, so you may notice a difference in how statements are affecting you or that you are more or less careful with your pronouncements to others.

The positive effects of Mercury retrograde are often found in re-connecting with old friends, re-gifting important sentimental items, or re-discovering delightful places you once enjoyed.

This particular Mercury retrograde lasts from Dec. 10th to Dec. 30th, 2010. There is a period of adjustment for a few days after Dec. 30th until the planet appears to re-stabilize.

As always, be sure to ask your Infinite Angels for assistance during the shaky times as they are above and beyond physical restraints and planetary influences. You can also call on the Ascended Master, Apollo, who is the archetypal representation of communication and the planet Mercury.


© 2010 Dr. Shanimah Leal Ra, PhD.
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Forensic Hypnotist,
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