Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hypnosis... is it spooky?

What are the benefits of self-hypnosis and how can it specifically help you?
The benefits of self-hypnosis will assist you in improving your life by helping you to release bad habits, such as overeating, smoking and addictive behaviors; to develop good habits in their place. It will assist you to overcome tension so that you are more relaxed in your daily routines and help you to sleep more productively, therefore overcoming chronic tiredness.

Self-hypnosis will help you have a more positive outlook on life, eliminating depressive and unhappy moods. It can assist you in overcoming sexual challenges and help you develop a true affection and respect for yourself and others. It can help increase your creativity and intuition as well as helping you to take life more lightly and release negative emotions which do not serve you.

You will be able to enjoy yourself and your interactions with others with the help of self-hypnotic techniques. You can feel younger and live longer by developing a relaxed, healthy, energetic lifestyle. You will develop realistic goals and achieve them successfully.

Self-hypnosis can assist you in controlling the critical monkey mind so that you experience peace of mind within yourself. It will assist you by bringing a natural relaxation to your relationships with others, also helping by boosting your confidence and self-esteem so that outcome of every endeavor is successful.

Self-hypnosis can also specifically help you by allowing you to increase your reading speed and cognition, making academic tasks easier to complete in less time while obtaining greater skill and comprehension.

Is there more than one kind of hypnosis?
There are actually two kinds of hypnosis. These are the explanations and their underlying theories.

1. One kind of hypnosis is a hypnotic state, which is introduced by someone else, such as a hypnotist or operator, to a subject. This is called hetero-hypnosis. The practice of hetero-hypnosis involves relaxing the subject being hypnotized. The hypnotist offers suggestions to the subject, who is in a state of profound relaxation or concentration.

It has been observed that a person in a strong emotional state is also highly suggestible and periods of strong emotion such as love or crisis can mimic the hypnotic state. The hypnotist may include suggestions to the subject that they can easily return to a self-induced hypnotic state and repeat the suggestions for beneficial pattern changes.

2. Another kind of hypnosis is a planned self-hypnotic or auto-hypnotic state, which is entered into by oneself. This practice of self-hypnosis involves suggestions made to oneself and repetition is key to the mind’s acceptance while in a relaxed state.

Relaxing oneself for this particular purpose induces self-hypnosis. While in a relaxed state, suggestions are repeated in one’s mind that are helpful in changing negative or unwanted behavior patterns into positive and more desirable behavior patterns and thinking. These suggestions can also be repeated and reinforced in a waking state by simply acknowledging them over and over again in one’s mind.

When I work with clients, I always ask my Infinite Angels to guide me to offer the best suggestions that will benefit the client and help them achieve their goals. Anyone who has worked with me knows that we always call in their Angels, Guardians, and Guides to accompany the client on their journey of healing and wholeness.

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