Saturday, September 4, 2010


There is a wonderful feeling of connectedness when you realize and accept that you are divinely watched over and cared for.

You can flow with the ups and downs of life more easily. This does not mean that you do not get upset, mad, glad, or sad. It does mean that you can acknowledge your feelings, feel them, and then, let them go. You do not become the slave of roller coaster feelings. You can allow your feelings to be expressed through you appropriately, of course.

You can give yourself permission to know when you are glad, sad, or mad. These normal human feelings will not get stuffed down into your cellular structure and begin to cause imbalance that can manifest into disease or addictive behavior.
In our modern society, many people grow up in a co-dependent family. Feelings are often suppressed rather than expressed. Feelings are meant to be expressed, that is why they are called emotions – you emote.

As you mature and become more human, you realize it is not only okay for you to emote, but that it is necessary. Learning to express your feelings lets you begin to connect with your inner self, which in turn helps you to connect with your environment and other people around you.

Connecting your inner and outer self becomes magical, therefore charmed. Your intuition grows and expands in amazing ways that you never imagined.

To learn to develop that connectedness of your inner- and outer-self, call upon Padre Pio, Archangel Ariel, and all of your Infinite Angels to assist you. They are anxious to co-create your magical life with you!

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