Monday, November 8, 2010


In the Bible it says, ‘Jesus called them to him, and said, “Suffer little children to come to me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.”’ If we look at children and the qualities of a child, we can perhaps get a glimpse of what this teaching means in a practical sense.

A child of two or three years old is not yet infected with heavy cares and woes of the world. Toddlers can find joy and play even in the worst conditions of famine and war. Give a baby a bouncing ball and watch his or her face light up.

This is Wonderment. It is the ability to let go of everything else in the joy of the moment.

Toddlers do not hold grudges because they have not learned how to do that. They forgive easily and are anxious to move onto the next game. They have a sense of adventure and excitement. They are not afraid of change because everything can be new and wonderful.

Small children are grateful. They may not write you a formal Thank You note, but you can see gratitude in the gleam of their eyes. The inner joy that children express with every task is ineffable. A child can find joy in eating a bowl of cereal.

This is what I think the kingdom of God is; the wonderment and joy of a childlike spirit. Angels have this joy. In your darkest hour, your Infinite Angels want you to know their joy. Call them into your heart and ask them to help you know the wonderment that is the light of your heart.

Ask your Infinite Angels to help the divine light in your heart grow and expand until it is outside your body. Then, allow that light to spill into the room, your car, your office, your neighborhood, and your community. Let the light of joy spill into your state, your country, and all over the planet.

The more you practice living in Wonderment, the more you will notice amazing and delightful people, places, and things entering your life. Enjoy!

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