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I have a very dear friend, Denise, who is a Master Astrologer and counselor. She has studied with the medical intuitive, Carolyn Myss, PhD. Recently, our conversations have centered around the fact that so many people have low self-esteem.

I realize that many parents, although they want the best for their children, often do or say things that cause the child to begin to lack self-confidence. I think there is more to it than pointing the finger at Mom and Dad.

When we look around us today, we see not only economic crisis, but war, constant violence, disease, lack of food and shelter. Perhaps we have experienced these situations in the past or are experiencing them now. Perhaps we feel like we experience these conditions because we are empathetic to the people we see in the media that are going through these trials.

Most people who feel deeply for the pain others experience often want to fix conditions that they believe are causing the pain. This can be appropriate, such as working to find a cure for a disease, helping out at a food bank, or helping a homeless person to find a place to live.

Conditions such as war, widespread poverty or famine seem out of the control of the individual and may cause us to question our self-worth, as in, “Why can’t I fix this? Why do these horrible things happen?”

I do not have the answers to those questions, but I do know that getting quiet each day, even for just a few minutes, going within and getting in touch with your divine inner spirit helps tremendously. The techniques for meditation and hypnotic induction are so similar as to be virtually identical. The only difference is that, with meditation, you are directing your thoughts inward while, with hypnosis, another person is assisting you to inward directed focus.

To find your inner focus on your own, find a quiet place where you can practice until you are good at tuning out distractions. Later, you can learn to meditate in Times Square, but for now, pick a quiet place where you will be undisturbed for 20-30 minutes. That amount of time is necessary because, while you may need only a couple of minutes to revel in your divine inner light, it may take you the rest of that time to calm down.

Begin by noticing your body, how it is positioned in the chair or on the floor, the couch, or the bed. Feel the clothes on your skin and the temperature of the room or environment. Notice your breath as it enters your nostrils, flows through your throat and into your lungs. Follow the oxygen as it enters your bloodstream and flows throughout your body carrying life-giving energy to all your cells.

Then, let your breath take you to your heart. Give your heart a loving “Thank you” for all it does for you in such a loving, wonderful way. Notice the warm, bright light in the center of your heart and its calm, steady glow. Use your breath to gently fan that glow and notice that it gets bigger.

Keep letting that beautiful, warm light get bigger until it fills your entire body and the area surrounding your body as if you are in a beautiful, golden egg of warm, healing mist. Allow this softness, this gentleness to caress you for a few moments.

When the mist begins to fade, bring your attention back into the room. Back out of your meditation by reversing the process of beginning to focus your attention outward. Follow your breath back out of your center, noticing the clothes on your skin, and then, the room around you. Begin to notice the surrounding sounds and noises.

You will find, with regular practice, that centering yourself and checking-in with your inner spirit will boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. You may also find it easier to communicate with your Infinite Angels on a daily basis.

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